RN Job Responsibilities and Job Duties

Registered Nurses work in various types of environments or settings and the specific duties of registered nurses mostly depends on the work environment. However, the main work of registered nurses (RNs) is to promote good health and prevent illness. As a registered nurse, you will have to perform various job duties.  You need to work very closely with the entire team of healthcare professionals in the facility you are assigned to.

As a registered nurse, you need to perform all nursing duties as per the laws and regulations of the state where you are working in. Taking care of the patient will always be the top priority of registered nurses. Regardless of the setting or specialization in which RNs practice, there are some underlying duties and responsibilities that affect the general profession.

  • You will be responsible for the daily care of an admitted patient. This can include administering medication, setting IVs, giving shots, and updating patient records, providing emotional support, patient education, basic diagnostics, and other patient procedures.
  • It is the duty of a registered nurse to provide direct patient care, and reports any changes in patient status to the doctor treating the patient to insure the comfort and safety of that particular patient.
  • As a registered nurse, you also need to assist physicians and all healthcare professionals when caring for patient, always giving a complete and thorough report on patient status at end of shift to the other RN who will be taking charge of the next shift.
  • You also need to perform routine nursing care to assigned patients, while utilizing age specific and universal precaution practices at all times.
  • You also need to update the condition of the patient to their family members and about the trainings, medicines and precautions that the patient needs to take as per the plan of care.
  • You need to actively demonstrate your knowledge of nursing theory, techniques, principles, and practice in order to holistically care for the patient while reporting any changes in patient’s condition to the doctor or the physician following up with proper documentation.
  • It is the duty of the registered nurse to administer and distribute prescribed medications to assigned patients orally, topically, subcutaneously and intramuscularly as per the instructions of the doctor or physician treating the patient. Here, the registered nurse must also keep records of symptoms and progress of patients.
  • Many times, as registered nurse, you may also be responsible for supervising and overseeing the work of licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nursing aides, and orderlies. Here, supervisory duties may include basics like scheduling, training, monitoring and assisting. 
  • One of the main duties of a registered nurse is to record patients’ medical history and maintain details about a patient’s vital statistics such as heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, sugar level and so on.
  • It is the duty of you as a registered nurse to impart specialized and generalized health education in various different ways to patients.
  • You also need to establish and prescribe specific health regimens or plans to patients after care, or for preventative care.

Along with the duties, there are also certain responsibilities of registered nurses and they need to fulfill at any cost. Such responsibilities include:

  • Registered nurses need to treat patients with total compassion and full respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of every individual.
  • It is also the responsibility of registered nurses to put the safety and health of their patients above their own, and their fellow employees self interests.
  • An important ethical responsibility for you as an RN is to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of a patient’s records and private information.

Well, this is just a short summary of the duties and responsibilities of registered nurses in the United States. Basically, the duties and responsibilities are common in most of the states but there might be slight differences due to the laws and regulations of a particular state. However, there is one thing for sure that this job offers great satisfaction at the end of the day as you get to serve the human society and bring smile to many lives. Come join this noble profession and get ready to serve the mankind.

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