Salary Details of Registered Nurses in the US

No other profession could be more respected and noble as compared to nursing. As a registered nurse you get to dedicate your time, effort, and compassion to those in need and this in turn gives you respect and satisfaction as well. Fortunately, in addition to respect and satisfaction, the profession of registered nursing also pays well. If you’re compassionate, desire respect and want to be paid well, this is the profession for you to choose.

Registered Nurses have a promising outlook for growth and advancement in the nursing industry and that too with good salary packages. There are different factors upon which the salary of a registered nurse depends in the United States. Some of the factors that play a key role in deciding RN salaries include:

  • Place where the registered nurse is working
  • Years of working experience
  • State of the country you are working
  • Educational background
  • Extra Skills

Meanwhile, the general trend is that nurses with a highly specialized skill get the highest salary. In the US, the annual income of an average registered nurse is much higher if the person has more experience and provides specialized skills.

Registered Nurse Salary Details by State:

State Hourly Rate Annual
Alabama $27.76 $57730
Alaska $35.66 $74182
Arizona $31.70 $65951
Arkansas $27.08 $56314
California $40.67 $84593
Colorado $31.49 $65482
Connecticut $34.45 $71666
Delaware $33.75 $70188
District of Columbia $35.77 $74406
Florida $30.01 $62436
Georgia $29.37 $61081
Guam $24.84 $51658
Hawaii $38.17 $79408
Idaho $28.30 $58850
Illinois $31.36 $65217
Indiana $27.99 $58229
Iowa $24.83 $51648
Kansas $26.69 $55519
Kentucky $27.81 $57842
Louisiana $29.05 $60429
Maine $29.15 $60633
Maryland $36.42 $75761
Massachusetts $38.88 $80875
Michigan $30.91 $64280
Minnesota $34.55 $71879
Mississippi $27.50 $57210
Missouri $27.75 $57730
Montana $26.96 $56090
Nebraska $26.19 $54490
Nevada $34.63 $72022
New Hampshire $29.49 $61336
New Jersey $35.69 $74233
New Mexico $30.29 $62986
New York $35.83 $74528
North Carolina $28.30 $58871
North Dakota $27.07 $56293
Ohio $28.78 $59849
Oklahoma $25.41 $52850
Oregon $34.87 $72542
Pennsylvania $30.06 $62538
Puerto Rico $13.84 $28799
Rhode Island $33.21 $69078
South Carolina $28.22 $58687
South Dakota $25.76 $53584
Tennessee $28.90 $60103
Texas $30.26 $62935
Utah $28.43 $59136
Vermont $29.68 $61743
Virgin Islands $22.89 $47604
Virginia $30.26 $62935
Washington $34.84 $72470
West Virginia $25.63 $53319
Wisconsin $30.44 $63302
Wyoming $26.88 $55906

According to this data, the highest average registered nurse salary per hour is $31.99. The highest rate is $40.67and the lowest one is $13.84. There are of course extreme cases. For example, a lowest paid nurse can earn no more than $28799 every year. Also, there are also registered nurse salaries that are very big. The highest salary can reach $84593 annually. These RN salaries depend on the setting and the state they are working in. A registered nurse can have a big salary if he or she works in big cities such as Charleston, San Francisco, and Boston, Oklahoma and so on.

The employment opportunities of registered nurses will grow till the year 2016 at a much faster pace in comparison to other occupations. Considering the fact that this field is large several new jobs will emerge. Indeed, it has been estimated that as much as 587,000 RN jobs will be generated, which is mainly because thousands of experienced nurses will leave this vocation. Also the growth in this sector is mainly driven by advancement in technology and by rising stress on precautionary care. Besides, the total numbers of elderly people who are likely to enhance in comparison to the young people require nursing care has been projected to increase rapidly.

Well, as this health care sector is getting popular, there is also a rise in the competition level. Along with the growth in the employment rate, there is also increase in the number of candidates attracted to this industry as it offers high wages as well as work flexibility and other bonus points.

As you see a registered nurse salary can be quite big. In fact, registered nursing has already been declared as one of the top jobs in the health care industry and the good part is that the salary for the post of registered nurse is continuously on the rise every year. Therefore, if your dream is to help and cure people, you can definitely be sure that registered nursing is made for you.

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  1. Am a registered nurse from zambia looking for employment am currently working as a theatre nurse and ready to work in any department please send me all details and information because am willing to work anywhere.

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